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Built by a small team
of adventure-obsessed nuts looking to provide the best boutique experience for those seeking off-the-grid vehicle based travel and living.

Meticulously crafted

for optimal comfort, function, efficiency, security and performance.

Know what you are getting

ADV Mobil has a glass door policy, built on the principles of transparency, quality, and service. That is why we build our trucks with best-in-biz products and services. No shortcuts in sight.

Multi-use vehicles

Our customers have different ideas of what purpose their truck will serve. Some may use it exclusively for back-country recreation, while others will use it is as a modern planning tool when natural disasters hit their communities. Still some might fully embrace the vagabond lifestyle and call their ADV Mobil home. How would you use yours?

Life on the road (and off it) in the most epic of proportions is what we are all about! We live and breathe adventuremobiling so much that we decided to design our own trucks the way we envisioned they should be. If you dig, convoy up. It's going to be an epic ride!

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Built on a Ford F-550 Chassis, the ADV Mobil is a powerhouse equipped with a 6.7L turbo diesel and 4WD.


  • Galvanized, torsion-free sub-frame

  • 3-piece, 20" wheels

  • 2-6" lift and 42"+ tires

  • Stationary tire inflation system

  • Spare tire and rear aluminum storage boxes mounted on a winch-driven platform

  • Complete Off-Road and On-Road LED Light Package by Baja Designs

  • Customizable wrap colors



Engineered exclusively for ADV Mobil, our boxes are made to last. Thoughtful design and superior performance come standard.


  • 14'L x 6'8''H x 7'8''W

  • Marine-grade stainless steel components

  • 3 rooftop 1.2kWh Solar Panels

  • Highly insulated security glass windows

  • 60mm highly insulated walls (panels) offering  superior UV protection, strength, and corrosion and rot resistance

  • Customizable wrap colors



Roughing it doesn't have to be rough. Enjoy creature comforts and modular design in our yacht-inspired habitat.


  • The finest components, materials and finishes, period

  • Professional-grade appliances

  • Marine-grade stainless steel components

  • Wet bath with stainless steel and teak furnishings

  • WiFi, GPS, Ram mounts galore

  • Large capacities (water, fuel, heating)

  • Hydronic habitat heating

  • 1-3 400-1200kWh Lithium batteries

  • Sleeps up to 4

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Ready to purchase your very own, limited production ADV Mobil? We can help connect you with financing options and guide you through the purchase process to turn your dream into a reality. Reserve your build slot today!

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Get your feet wet and rent an ADV Mobil for the ultimate overland vacation or to get a feel for our trucks pre-purchase. 

Coming soon.

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Vacation packages are in the works at ADV Mobil. See the sights, make lasting friendships and get hooked on that ADV lifestyle from the comfort and security of a group atmosphere, or chart out on your own by subscribing to a rig-share. 

Coming soon.

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Learn how to safely operate your ADV Mobil in one of our training sessions. Set yourself up for success—and a lot of fun!

An intro-level training course is highly recommended for every new ADV Mobil owner and required for all renters.



Imagine all the possibilities and select only the options you want.

The Imagineer model is designed with the weekend adventurer and modern planner in mind. Outfitted to get you out of the city and into the backcountry, the Imagineer has plenty of battery and water storage, room to carry a mountain bike, SUP board, or anything else you might need to enjoy your time in the great outdoors. 

The Imagineer allows the consumer to pick the specific options, components and accessories they require and deserve.


"Fully Out-fitted and Up-Fitted" with everything you can imagine.

The PROLander model is a no-holds-barred, throw-everything-at-this-rig kind of truck—capable of the most epic of expeditions and designed for the full-time or near full-time adventurer. 


Though all ADV Mobils can be modified to fit your needs, the PRO defines customization. From maximized storage to the highest end, most durable finishes, each PROLander will truly be one of a kind. When it comes to storage, if it can fit on a truck, we will design and manufacture a way to carry it. At ADV Mobil, we are outdoor enthusiasts just like you, and see it as a personal challenge to equip the truck of your dreams. Your truck needs to perform at the highest level of comfort and functionality, because after all, the PROLander is your home on wheels.

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